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Poppa Vein R. Rhythmia
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In Vein CD
Poppa Vein In Vein
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"R. Rhythmia" CD Coming!


Finally - some new news!

The next CD from Poppa Vein is in the works and soon to be released. It's scheduled for June 2012 release but may not be available until July.

This CD has 8 new songs that are sure to blow your mind. You can check them out on this site in the Tunes page. Let the boys know whatcha think!

"In Vein" CD Released!


Woo hoo! 'In Vein' is now available on for a measley 10 bux. Be the first on your block to get yours today!

The boys are pretty excited about getting this new CD out there and hope you are too. It was a long time in the making and has some really cool tunes.

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been received!


The pre-production proof CD of "In Vein" was delivered today. Guess what?! It's great. Yer gonna love the pictures inside!

The boys are gonna approve it and it'll be available soon! We'll let ya know where you can get yer copy soon!

Proof of "In Vein" CD has been shipped!


The initial upload and and pre-production work is about done. The manufacturer has shipped the proof CD of "In Vein" for the boys to bless.

If everything's okay, the new CD should be available soon! This time out it will initially only be available through

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While you're here, why dontcha get on the Poppa Vein mailing list? The boys send out a newsletter about once a month so ya can keep up to date with what's happening including new songs, gigs, etc.

Just send an email to:
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This is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE place for all your heart poundin' Poppa Vein info.

Poppa Vein is a good ol rockin' band made up of Raw Meat on Guitar and Vocals, Crush Monster on Bass and Vocals, and Rithum Masheen on drums.

The band is based out of Phoenix, Arizona in the U.S.A., a favorite destination for airplane pilot students from all around the world. Poppa Vein plays rock bursting with groove and attitude that will infect you with the need for more. They're the gateway drug to the rock you want and need.

This website is pumpin' ya full of the shit ya need to know about the Poppa including why the hell they wrote the songs they did, why they put 'em on the web, why you should listen to 'em, and what'll happen to you if you don't.

Poppa Vein In Vein
Poppa Vein In Vein CD

The second CD from Poppa Vein is out! Ya gotta get it today!

The long anticipated follow up to the Bad Blood CD is here! Whatcha waitin for? Ya gotta get it - it's cheep too. Costs less than a 12 pack of Bud and it lasts longer!

Currently In Vein is available EXCLUSIVELY at for $10 for a real CD in a real jewel case or for only $5.99 for the download version. Ya can't beat that!

Click this link to go to now:

Bad Blood CD
Poppa Vein Bad Blood

The first CD from Poppa Vein - get yours today!

You can get your own piece of the Poppa Vein band - their first CD "Bad Blood" contains 10 great songs from the band including "Take Me" from the movie "Breathless_GRL".

Bad Blood is available in CD or MP3 format, the whole thing (which you know you want) or individual tracks. It's available at quite a few places online. There are links to some of the online stores below - click on one to get yer copy today!

Special Deal!

You can download the entire CD for $5.00 at CD Baby.

Read what everyone's sayin' about Poppa Vein. If ya want to leave a comment yerself - and we want ya to - click here now!

Moly's reply
Thanks Moly. Here's a fake reply. Hope you at least checked out some tunes!
sPvDKW My name is Moly, i am a funny girl. This post is fake, hahaha.
are you for real?
just bought bad blood
i got the 5 dollar download from cdbaby. i like it a lot.
this is a cool news. Thank you.
I liked your site.
u crack me up
teabag is funny
Comments are WORKING!!!!
Finally - the band got the comments working again. Thanks to all of you who've emailed to let us know it was broke richard.
Take me?
I've seen it! This is the independent movie from RnR Films with some Poppa Vein songs in it. Mr. Huckabone said there are 4 clips - I could only find 3 so if you can find the 4th, let me know where it's at.

He also surprised me by putting almost the entire song "Take Me" in the film. He said he thought that it's a great song - he could easily imagine it being on the radio. Thanks Mr. H!

And thanks also for choosing Poppa Vein for some of your background music!
CMON - leave us a message!
Wot teh Fuk? There've been about 200 visitors since I made this new message board and only one comment so far. What do you think of our songs? What do you think period? We wanna know what you think.
you guys rock!!!
i like your songs.
The first comment ever
Hey - Raw Meat here. I thought I'd start things off in this new Comments section.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts about Poppa Vein. We probably won't edit or delete anything unless we find it terribly offensive (and that takes a lot!)


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